You’ve got problems. We’ve got solutions.

We started Ripple Impact with a simple goal: bridge the gap between talking about strategy, and actually executing it.

Our Story

Ripple Impact was born amidst a global pandemic.

While the whole world was locked inside their homes, we discovered, people wanted to rebrand, reposition or reinvent themselves entirely. They wanted their message to be aligned with their values and vision.

They just didn’t know where to start.

Clients were spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on business coaches, branding specialists and marketing strategists only to realize: there was no change in results.

It also wasn’t sustainable.

Thus emerged Ripple Impact – a collection of experts united by one goal: to help our clients go from vision to strategy to execution, followed by clear results.

So whether you’re a solopreneur, a business expert, consultant or a coach, we’re here to help you reach your rebranding, repositioning and reinvention goals.

And we won’t stop untill you’re happy.

Our Vision

Ripple Impact aims to equip its clients with the power to build, grow, and reposition their brands and business.

Our Mission

Ripple Impact provides hands-on creative and strategic support to guide our clients towards success.

Our Sweet Spots

Business Consulting

Strategizing a tailored roadmap for your brand or business based on your vision

Growth Strategy

Building an engaged and scalable platform authentically, taking your brand or business to the next level

Brand Repositioning

Co-creating a clear message that aligns with your values and speaks to your audience


Get to know your behind-the-scenes team that’s passionately working to help you achieve your goals!
Saleema is a 9x founder, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor, business advisor, and the bestselling, award-winning author of Innovation Starts With I. She speaks 5 languages, has traveled to over 80 countries, enjoys dancing salsa and bachata, and aims to help 10 million entrepreneurs succeed by 2030.

Saleema Vellani

Founder and CEO

Catalina is a multidisciplinary designer and the co-founder of Ripple Impact. As a lover of meaningful branding, she thrives as a doer and overseer. Her passions include visual arts, fashion, movies, mothering her four-pawed whiskered baby, and eating sour gummies.

Catalina Cotamo


Sean is a business strategist, software engineer, and sales architect, who loves solving complex problems. With over two decades of corporate experience, he brings innovative approaches to building scalable business models. Sean loves to travel, is a big foodie, and firmly believes in the supremacy of nachos, fried chicken, and barbeque.

Sean Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Maria is a graphic designer and professional makeup artist whose mantra is “design at first sight.” Maria is Bogotá’s own Willy Wonka. She loves making chocolate at home, enjoys illustrating, and lives in her cat, Prada’s, house.

María Zúñiga

Graphic Designer

Stiven is an IT manager and video editor whose skills lie in providing top-notch technical support. He loves exploring new places, learning about Egyptian culture, playing video games, and inventing fun recipes.

Stiven Velásquez

IT Manager & AV Editor

Michael is a human capacity redesigner, elite editor, and multi-disciplinary master coach. He is passionate about helping people and organizations create and execute revolutionary ideas. Michael is his own one-man army. He has worked as a writer, producer, and cameraman across three continents.

Michael Lee

Senior Editor

Jack is a creative digital strategist who is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership, and human-centered initiatives. As a serial entrepreneur, Jack has contributed to several global economic and humanitarian projects. Jack loves soccer, camping, singing, and public speaking.

Jack Jendo

Digital Strategist

Diego is a videographer, producer, filmmaker, and teacher. His passion for moving images and his experience as a filmmaker make all his videos unique, professional, and high-quality creations. Diego loves music, dancing, and collecting action figures.

Diego Galeano

 head of video production

Samuel is a business development and customer success manager who loves creating inclusive work environments and keeping everyone on their toes. Sam enjoys learning about farming, cattle genetics, and human behavior evolution, and is a martial arts enthusiast.

Samuel Fainboim

client manager

Hira is a programmer, web designer, and full-stack developer whose passion for web design comes from wanting to make lives easier. She enjoys playing basketball, reading self-improvement books, and watching anime shows like The Hero Academia and One Punch Man.

Hira Khyzer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Camila is a graphic designer and art director who is passionate about building powerful brands and breaking design rules to make timeless designs. Cami loves playing guitar, listening to reggae music, and making people laugh by regaling them with her tragic life stories.

Camila Rengifo

Graphic Designer

He is a Client Manager based in Pakistan. His interest lies in communication, and he’s here to ensure that our clients’ visions become a reality through clear, focused and consistent contact with them throughout their accelerator journeys. . As an avid reader, you can usually find him holed up in his room with a book in his free time, unless he's playing video games or off visiting his horses.

Raiyaan Ali Janjua

Client Manager

Ayesha is a multidisciplinary marketer, illustrator, and content specialist who believes that marketing breathes soul into brands. Ayesha loves classic horror tropes and thinks that the world belongs to her cats and that she’s only living in it.

Ayesha Malik

Chief Marketing Officer

Natalie is a creative designer and art director who enjoys creating powerful branding and online experiences for entrepreneurs. Natalie's entrepreneurial calling lies in mapping modern neighborhoods, and she lives by Steve Job’s mantra, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Natalie Lake​

Chief Creative Officer

Amani is a renowned professional figure skater, business expert, and business owner. She helps entrepreneurs upscale their businesses, has won many international skating awards, and enjoys dog cuddles.

Amani Fancy


Valentina is an advertising student and the owner of a creative sombrero shop. She strives every day to turn her entrepreneurial venture into a large-scale company and loves to exercise, read, and make illustrations.

Valentina Amaya

Founding Member

Shayaan is a copywriter and marketing enthusiast who believes in the power of a good book on a bad day. She is passionate about creating mindful media, weaving empathy into everything she puts out into the world, binding notebooks, and taking care of her three grumpy cats.

Shayaan Aijaz

Marketing Manager

Laura is a project manager and specialist in International Relations, with an emphasis on management. She’s passionate about working with teams to help turn innovative ideas into an achievable reality. She loves traveling, volunteering, and being outdoors. Laura’s a firm believer in kismet (everything happens for a reason!), and in the superiority of horses.

Laura Uribe

Project manager
Renato is a multidisciplinary professional who is passionate about working in complex and challenging scenarios. Renato likes to mentor, write and speak about innovation, and is passionate about the intersection of technology, philosophy and futurism.

Renato Azevedo

Janice is a writer, researcher, journalist, host, and voice-over artist. She owns multiple small businesses and spends her weekends watching horror movies, cuddling her dog, Chico, and playing PubG.

Janice Marsada

Executive Assistant
Fizza is a marketing copywriter who is passionate about interdisciplinary research and writing. She enjoys postcolonial literature and lives by the mantra, “Seize the day!”. As a massive fan of “The Office”, Fizza dreams of becoming the “world’s best boss”, like her hero, Michael Scott.

Fizza Fatima

Marketing CopyWriter
Maryam is a communications specialist and a freelance cultural writer. She strives to bridge cultural communication gaps by highlighting important issues like gender and inclusivity. She spends her weekends learning new crafts, or going to the theater with friends and family. She loves eating spicy food but can’t tolerate it if her life depended on it.

Maryam Ahmad

Marketing CopyWriter
Steven is a RevOps professional, a HubSpot Solutions Partner, and an award-winning community builder based in New York City. He is passionate about accelerating human connection for mass collaboration. Steven believes in building communities where people care about each other and feel a sense of belonging. He sees himself as the hero of his own journey and is always on the #GiveFirst grind!

Steven Rodriguez

Business Strategist

Urooj is a client manager, process engineer, and freelance writer based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She enjoys streamlining processes, making them leaner and straightforward for everyone involved. She likes crafting, including knitting and cross-stitching, and, when there’s time, simply vegetating. Urooj is living for the day when her cats will stop bullying her dog.

Urooj Janjua

Client and Operations Manager

Thomas is a Sales Associate based in Bogota, Colombia, and loves building meaningful relationships with everyone he meets, and of course, playing with his cats. According to Thomas, every person on this planet has some good in them that they can release into the world.

Thomas Baron

Sales Associate

Shaheryar is a copywriter, language instructor, and lifelong learner based in Karachi, Pakistan. He likes helping people use language as a tool for critical analysis, a medium for self-expression, and a vehicle for cross-cultural collaboration. Most of his time is spent obsessing over football tactics and arguing about them with strangers on the internet. Shaheryar is deeply troubled by the realization that all his favorite athletes are younger than him.

Shaheryar Ali

Marketing Copywriter

Sebastian is an Audiovisual Communicator and Graphic Designer. His unique expertise is intertwining storytelling and design to deliver information impactfully. He loves true crime podcasts, documentaries and is a horror movie fanatic. He believes that energy must be carefully invested in things, situations and people because not everything and everyone is worth it.

Sebastian Cárdenas

Graphic Designer
Sofia is a Social Media Manager who believes in generating communication strategies to create brand value. Sofia enjoys photography, cooking and traveling and believes that less is more!

Sofia Leal

Social Media Manager

Camila Tavera an Art Director and Graphic Designer. Professionally, she spends her time creating unique brand identities. In her personal time, she draws, travels, juggles and roller skates. Camila believes in good vibes and thinks that without memes, the world would be a dark place to live.

Camila Tavera

Art Director

Charisse or Chancee is an Executive Assistant. Enthusiastic about all things new, she enjoys editing videos, traveling and trying out new sports and instruments. Chancee believes in enjoying one’s life to the fullest and that all things are possible if you have faith in God.

Charisse Dakay

Executive Assistant

Anushe is a Client Success Associate and an Entrepreneur, who makes people fall in love with brands and labels by positioning the imperfect, vulnerable, and most human side of us. She’s an organizer in her house, an experimenter in her kitchen, a painter in her studio and a gardener to her 50 house plants.

Anushe Abdi

Client Success Associate

Juan is a professional graphic designer who loves UX/UI design, he is focused on generating practical and emotional solutions for everyone, his favorite days include cats and chocolates.

Juan Calderon

Founding Member

Zahra is a writer and designer by profession, and reader by passion. She hopes to travel the world one day and eat her way through a midlife crisis. For her own life story, Zahra dreams of writing a book and retiring early to live in a cottage by the sea. Zahra believes that every action has an impact, no matter how big or small.

Zahra Mukhi

Marketing Proofreader

Amna is a multi-platform Content Creator who employs research and critical thinking in her everyday writing. Fascinated by the power of digital media; most of her work aims to harness it towards building inclusive futures. She is a Bollywood fan, a pop culture geek and an aspiring fashion writer.

Amna Akber

Marketing Copywriter

Maria is a content creator based in Pakistan who brims with a passion for activism. She enjoys narrative storytelling and social justice.. She is an avid reader, traveler and netflix watcher who believes in spreading positive vibes. Maria respectfully requests to not be interacted with before her daily dose of morning caffeine.

Maria Agha

Marketing Copywriter

Ali is a project manager by profession. Passionate about designing sustainable projects through community engagement, he believes that any and all interventions should be for the people and by the people. Over the weekend, Ali enjoys spending koality time with his friends

Ali Jawad

Client Success Manager

Daniela is a Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist based in Argentina. She pours her heart and soul into developing compelling brands and concepts. She’s also big on travel, playing sports, and watching documentaries; and believes that trial and reiteration are the roads to success. Daniela firmly believes that what fuels her creativity are gummy bears.

Daniela Andueza

Graphic Designer

Alejandro is a Project Manager based in Columbia. He enjoys cinema and fashion and often finds himself contributing analytically and strategically in teams. He loves traveling, exploring, and learning from ancient cultures. Alejandro believes that everything and everyone has a purpose in life.

Alejandro López

Project Management

Aamna is a Content Creator and Public Relations Consultant who uses storytelling to bring her work to life. She enjoys dancing, reading, and cooking and believes in the idea of spreading kindness like confetti. Aamna’s idea of fun entails deep cleaning her house during her free time.

Aamna Imam

Marketing Manager

Christian is a business administrator, salesman, and digital marketer. He was part of the birth of Ripple Impact as Marketing Manager. He wears both creative and analytical hats and is passionate about cinema, photography, sports, animals and traveling.

Christian Castro

Founding Member

Arshia is a writer, design thinker, and digital marketing geek who is passionate about solving problems, amplifying voices, and bringing communities together. Arshia speaks 4 languages, dreams of making regional literature accessible to the masses, and believes that this world is just one big movie.

Arshia Chand

Founding Member

Francesca is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who thrives on learning, collaborating, and remaining dynamic in fast-paced work environments. Outside work, Frankie can be found sewing, painting, and sharing a good laugh with her friends.

Francesca Carpenter

Founding Member

Pam is a methodical person who likes to have processes clearly organized. She loves animals, especially her cat. She believes that everything is possible with empathy and good communication.

Paula Montaña

Founding Member


Soha is a Digital Marketing Intern based in Houston, Texas where she’s majoring in Marketing and Public Relations. She likes traveling and watching movies during her free time, and lives by the philosophy of "Hakuna Matata."

Soha Narsi

Digital Marketing Intern
Naz is a Digital Marketing Intern based in San Antonio, Texas. While her work hours are spent learning new digital marketing strategies, during her downtime, she enjoys watching TV shows, listening to music, traveling, and working out. Naz believes that good food can make anyone happy, especially her.

Naz Maknojia

Digital Marketing Intern
Aleena is a Digital Marketing Intern and an undergraduate student based in Houston, Texas. She enjoys storytelling through social media and is passionate about all things social entrepreneurship. She loves a good book, and a nice tall glass of iced coffee, and tries to live by the motto “TPWK - Treat People with Kindness.”

Aleena Ajani

Digital Marketing Intern
Sahil is a Computer Scientist and a Digital Marketing Intern from State College, Pennsylvania. He likes playing golf, traveling, and binge-watching TV shows. According to Sahil, Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time

Sahil Sohani

Digital Marketing Intern
Jena is a Digital Marketing Intern based in Houston, Texas. She strives to help other people find their voice through storytelling, creativity, and innovative marketing strategies and is passionate about sustainable living. She’s a bookworm who enjoys crime documentaries, and knitting, and believes in the mantra “everything works out for the better.” Jena thinks that strawberry peach juice is so good she would swim in it

Jena Lakhani

Digital Marketing Intern
Faiz is a Digital Marketing Intern based in Dallas, Texas. He loves devising and concocting unorthodox solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. He has an affinity for sports, music, and fashion, and believes that tomorrow is promised to no one, so take advantage of today!

Faiz Charanyia

Digital Marketing Intern
Fiza is a Digital Marketing Intern based in Houston, Texas. She’s passionate about marketing, and enjoys traveling, swimming, and spending time with her friends and family. Fiza believes in the phrase "You only live once." and thinks carbs are the answer no matter the question.

Fiza Ali

Digital Marketing Intern
Arman is a digital marketing intern based in Los Angeles, California. He’s passionate about social media marketing, entrepreneurial ventures, and practicing cost-benefit analysis in all areas of life. Arman likes going to the beach and lives life by the mantra “Take it one day at a time”.

Arman Ajanee

Digital Marketing Intern

“Design your story based on where you want to be and you’ll attract opportunities to accelerate you there.”

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