Turn your entrepreneurial challenges into opportunities

We started Ripple Impact with a simple goal: help experienced professionals reach their brand and revenue goals by helping them shine in their industries.

Our Story

Ripple Impact’s journey is a story of evolution and response to a changing world.

As the landscape of work and entrepreneurship had been undergoing a seismic shift, we noticed a growing trend: professionals with rich experience and expertise are seeking to redefine their paths. They yearn to align their careers with their core values and vision but often find themselves at a crossroads, uncertain of the next steps.

Amidst this backdrop, many entrepreneurs, career transitioners and speakers were navigating a maze of business coaches, branding specialists, and marketing strategists, yet were left without the tangible results they sought. 

The need for a more integrated, results-driven approach was clear.

This is where Ripple Impact and its CEO Saleema Vellani’s vision came into play. Saleema, with her extensive experience in entrepreneurship and thought leadership, recognized the gap between aspiration and achievement. 

She envisioned a platform where seasoned professionals could not only find clarity and direction but also tangible strategies for growth and impact.

Ripple Impact thus became more than a consultancy—it evolved into a collective of experts dedicated to transforming visions into strategies and strategies into successful outcomes. 

Our commitment is unwavering: we journey with you until your goals are not just met, but surpassed, ensuring your path to success is as unique and impactful as your vision.

Our Vision

Ripple Impact aims to equip its clients with the power to build, grow, and reposition their brands and businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer strategic and creative support that empowers our clients to achieve their goals, positioning them as leaders in the market.

Our Sweet Spots

Business Clarity and Scaling

Empowering you with a clear vision and tools for scalable business growth.

  • Vision Setting and Clarity
  • Email Signature
  • Sales Deck


Elevating your brand with a complete LinkedIn makeover and visually stunning assets.

  • LinkedIn Revamping
  • Corporate Bio
  • Corporate Brochure


Social Media Acceleration

Strategically boosting your brand’s online presence to establish your thought leadership.

  • Marketing Campaign Concepts
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Messaging Sequence
  • LinkedIn Newsletter



Get to know your behind-the-scenes team that’s passionately working to help you achieve your goals!
Saleema is a 9x founder, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor, business advisor, and the bestselling, award-winning author of Innovation Starts With I. She speaks 5 languages, has traveled to over 80 countries, enjoys dancing salsa and bachata, and aims to help 10 million entrepreneurs succeed by 2030.

Saleema Vellani

Founder and CEO

Sean is a business strategist, software engineer, and sales architect, who loves solving complex problems. With over two decades of corporate experience, he brings innovative approaches to building scalable business models. Sean loves to travel, is a big foodie, and firmly believes in the supremacy of nachos, fried chicken, and barbeque.

Sean Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Tanjina Shapiro


Aamna is a Content Creator and Public Relations Consultant who uses storytelling to bring her work to life. She enjoys dancing, reading, and cooking and believes in the idea of spreading kindness like confetti. Aamna’s idea of fun entails deep cleaning her house during her free time.

Aamna Imam

Marketing Manager

Stiven is an IT manager and video editor whose skills lie in providing top-notch technical support. He loves exploring new places, learning about Egyptian culture, playing video games, and inventing fun recipes.

Stiven Velásquez

IT Manager & AV Editor

Sebastian Manterola


Zainab Samir Mir

Marketing Copywriter

Camila is a graphic designer and art director who is passionate about building powerful brands and breaking design rules to make timeless designs. Cami loves playing guitar, listening to reggae music, and making people laugh by regaling them with her tragic life stories.

Camila Rengifo

Graphic Designer

Urooj Imran

Marketing copywriter

Laura is a project manager and specialist in International Relations, with an emphasis on management. She’s passionate about working with teams to help turn innovative ideas into an achievable reality. She loves traveling, volunteering, and being outdoors. Laura’s a firm believer in kismet (everything happens for a reason!), and in the superiority of horses.

Carolina Pineda

Client Success Manager

Walija Sultana

Client Success Associate

Anushe Abdi

Client Success Manager

Charisse Nancee Dakay

Lead Gen Strategist

Malaya Bolito

Lead Gen Strategist

“Design your story based on where you want to be and you’ll attract opportunities to accelerate you there.”

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Accelerator Program
$ 20,000
  • 1 Month --- $5000
  • 2 Month --- $5000
  • 3 Month --- $5000
  • 4 Month --- $5000