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Our business is to help make your business succeed—in every way possible.

With our global team of expert strategists and creatives, we’ll work with you to rebrand, reposition, or reinvent your business.


You’ve got ideas, a vision and a goal…

But you’re not sure how to make it into a coherent strategy, complete with:

  • Action items 
  • To-do lists
  • A clear set of instructions from A to Z

We’ve got strategy, execution, and assets, combined to make a tailored path for you to:

Rebrand, reposition or reinvent your business based on where you want to be

Grow a platform aligned with your vision

Build an engaged and authentic community

What makes us unique?

We’re bridging the gap between strategy and execution by providing you with everything in-between.


Head over to our shop and check out everything we offer. Here are a few favorites!

Strategy Sessions

A value-packed hour-long session taking you from problem to breakthrough, followed by our notes and next steps

Creative Assets

Whether it's a logo, branded social media templates or a slide deck, our design team has you covered.


If you're an author or speaker, a media kit will elevate you and your work. We'll strategize with you so your media kit aligns with your bigger goals before we professionally design it.


If you're launching a book soon, we'll help you achieve your book marketing goals and grow your platform. We'll also design branded creative assets, build your media kit, and more, while sharing advice and resources.


Aspiring to become a professional speaker? We'll help with positioning, strategize on your signature keynote, design your slide deck, and give you the tools and templates to get there.


Ripple Impact Accelerator

Are you an entrepreneur with a lot of drive, but could use more direction? Is it taking longer than you wanted to execute your vision successfully?

That’s normal when you’re wearing all the hats yourself, including hats of roles you’re simply not good at—or foregoing the hats that you need. We’ll help you gain clarity on how to manage your business while giving you the structure you need to make your impact.

A little praise from​

Our Accelerated Entrepreneurs

The Accelerator could not have come at a better time. I was wading through the challenges of releasing my first book, and a company along with it. The team has helped me navigate what’s important, giving me advice and tools along the way to support me on my journey. On top of that, they’ve been able to really accelerate my impact. I’ve more than doubled my LinkedIn contacts and have become a regular fixture on social media, and have more engagement than I’ve ever had in my life. I feel well prepared to take on my book launch and beyond.

Amy J. Wilson Founder & CEO of Empathy for Change, Author of Empathy for Change

Participating in the Ripple Impact Accelerator was probably one of the best investments I've made for my business and for myself. I feel so lucky that it was created when it was—it was ideal timing to get the exact right help I needed to start growing my business and to get support with launching my book. As a solo entrepreneur, it's so hard to find everything you need in one place; the Ripple Impact Accelerator was exactly that exactly when I needed it!

Coonoor Behal Founder & CEO of Mindhatch, Author of I Quit!

The Ripple Impact Program helped me to accelerate the growth of my business in three important ways: it helped me to refine my business brand identity, target strategic areas for growth and leverage LinkedIn to grow my following from 1,500 to 3,500 in 3 months. I found Saleema and Catalina personable and easy to work with and was delighted by the expansion of my business from a one person team on Day 1 to a five person team within 3 months with a monthly increase in revenue from $2K USD to $34.5K USD. I would recommend the program to new entrepreneurs looking to grow quickly and scale.

Hana Dhanji Executive Coach, Former Wall Street Corporate Lawyer

I can’t say enough about the Ripple Impact team and their accelerator program. They’re one of the main reasons I went from a wearing-all-hats, one-woman-show, to landing a major corporate client and hiring a team for scale, in just 3 months! Their support freed me up from the tasks I don’t want to be doing, and let me shine in my area of expertise. They brought deep experience, positive energy, actionable advice, and clear results. Each member of their team is an expert in their field. Some of my favorite activities were the LinkedIn facelift and course - these are magical and literally pay for themselves. I’m building a following, spending every minute doing only what I love, and seeing my vision for my business unfold before my eyes. I’m a fan for life.

Sarah Ajani Founder & CEO of The Sprint Creative, Innovation Strategist

Ripple Impact Community

Want access to our advice, tools, and resources that will elevate you and your business?
Join our exclusive membership-based community to learn, connect, and collaborate with professionals and entrepreneurs globally.


Participate in monthly group coaching sessions, ask-me-anything style, led by our founder, Saleema Vellani.


Exchange with other professionals and entrepreneurs through our Facebook group and ask-and-give circles.


Get premium content shared by us regularly such as our monthly masterclasses, weekly advice, and guest expert sessions.

We Have Best Payment Plan For You

Accelerator Program
$ 20,000
  • 1 Month --- $5000
  • 2 Month --- $5000
  • 3 Month --- $5000
  • 4 Month --- $5000