Our business is to help your business succeed.

Work with our global team of expert strategists and creatives to increase your

Influence, Income, and Impact.


You’re a purpose-driven expert who…

  • finding out that the roadmap to this vision is unclear.
  • has an outstanding offering but lacks the strategy for impactful market positioning and sustainable growth.
  • wants to see their vision transforming into a business model that resonates with their values and market demands.

Ripple Impact will help you:

transform into a recognized authority in your industry.

level up your branding to reflect your worth, helping your business and audience grow.

attract your dream clients and get paid what you’re worth.

What makes us unique?

With Ripple Impact, you get a personalized journey with dedicated experts, ensuring your goals aren’t just met but exceeded. We offer all clients:

Say no to cookie-cutter approaches and embrace what’s good for your brand!


Head over to our shop and check out everything we offer. Here are a few favorites!

Strategy Sessions

A value-packed hour-long session taking you from problem to breakthrough, followed by our notes and next steps


If you're launching a book soon, we'll help you achieve your book marketing goals and grow your platform. We'll also design branded creative assets, build your media kit, and more, while sharing advice and resources.


If you're an author or speaker, a media kit will elevate you and your work. We'll strategize with you so your media kit aligns with your bigger goals before we professionally design it.


Aspiring to become a professional speaker? We'll help with positioning, strategize on your signature keynote, design your slide deck, and give you the tools and templates to get there.


Ripple Impact Accelerator

Are you navigating the complexities of scaling your business? Or exiting the corporate realm to set out on your own journey? Or are you an aspiring speaker entering speaking circuits, hoping to make a mark and earn well for your expertise?

We help you turn your entrepreneurial challenges into opportunities.

At Ripple Impact, we become your fractional team, empowering you to leverage your strengths and focus on your priorities, making sure your roadmap to success is smooth and free of hurdles.

What your roadmap will look like:

Phase 1: Vision/Clarity

Workshops to define business direction, ideal client profile, positioning, and business model.

Phase 2: GTM Strategy

Develop a unique brand positioning and thought leadership strategy, with marketing tactics to engage and attract leads.

Phase 3: Launch

Bring your brand identity to life and establish market position with the support of our design and marketing teams.

Phase 4: Learn + Iterate

Analyze feedback, refine strategies, and update tactics for market responsiveness and continuous improvement.

Phase 5: Growth

Analyze feedback, refine strategies, and update tactics for market responsiveness and continuous improvement.

A little praise from​

Hear It From Our Accelerated Entrepreneurs

- Income rose from mid-four figures to a 5-figure income. - Got published in Forbes magazine. - 50+ podcasts and speaking engagements. “The Accelerator could not have come at a better time. I was wading through the challenges of releasing my first book, and a company along with it... I’ve more than doubled my LinkedIn contacts and become a regular fixture on social media, and have more engagement than I’ve ever had in my life. I feel well prepared to take on my book launch and beyond.”

Amy J. Wilson Founder & CEO of Empathy for Change, Author of Empathy for Change

- Grew her business by 72% and 68% year-on-year in 2022 and 2023, respectively. - Facilitated workshops in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Portugal, USA. “Before Ripple Impact, I felt stuck in my business. I had good times and bad times, and there seemed to be no stability in my business. But after my journey with Ripple Impact, not only did I begin working on workshops globally, but I also managed to grow my business by leaps and bounds. I loved working with them!”

Daphne S. Ledger Mexico City-based Innovation Expert, Entrepreneur, Speaker

- Grew her business by 50% in 2022 and by 50% in 2023. - Spoke at companies such as Nestle, Scotiabank, and Bank of Montreal. -Met her 2022 financial goal within the first quarter of the year. “Some places you go to, and people you work with are so niche. They may help you with the strategy or with the marketing material. What RI does is they really bring it all together, which is such a great experience and offering and its pretty hard to find elsewhere. The way they really took me from A to Z with everything as it relates to my business was incredible!”

Shannon Talbot Corporate Well-being and Performance Expert

Ripple Impact Community

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We Have Best Payment Plan For You

Accelerator Program
$ 20,000
  • 1 Month --- $5000
  • 2 Month --- $5000
  • 3 Month --- $5000
  • 4 Month --- $5000