• Author Platform Accelerator

    $5,000.00 / Month For 4 Months

    Your book is an opportunity to reposition your personal brand as the next version of yourself. We’ll help you prepare for your book launch so that you have a strong platform in place, have all the creative assets you need, and are repositioned for your exciting next chapter as an author—entirely customized to your goals. This accelerator includes:

    – Media Kit
    – Brand Visual Identity
    – Social Media Promotional Assets: Banners (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) + Instagram Templates for Stories and Posts
    – LinkedIn Growth Strategy
    – Keynote Slide Deck
    – E-mail signature
    – 1-Year Access to our Ripple Impact Community

  • Brand Visual Identity


    Need a logo and brand identity? We’ll help you bring a professionally designed brand identity to life that’s focused on your core values. We’ll design your logo and bring together typography, textures and a color palette aligned to your vision.

    Includes a Brand Book with specific guidelines for perpetuating brand identity in all external and internal communications.

  • Business Slide Deck


    Do you need a pitch deck to better market your business?

    We’ll design a customized, branded slide deck to use for sales calls and proposals.

  • Community Membership


    Want access to our advice, tools, and resources that will elevate you and your business? Join our exclusive membership-based community to learn, connect, and collaborate with professionals and entrepreneurs globally.

    Get premium content shared by us regularly such as our monthly masterclasses, weekly advice, and guest expert sessions. Participate in monthly group coaching sessions, ask-me-anything style, led by our founder, Saleema Vellani. Exchange with other professionals and entrepreneurs through our Facebook group and ask-and-give circles.

  • Course: How to (actually) get a TEDx Talk


    Itching to share your big idea or message on the TEDx stage? This course will give you everything you need to actually get a TEDx talk if you have a message to share with the world and are willing to put in the work. It includes a step-by-step strategy with all our tools, templates, and systems to get started.

  • Course: Leveraging LinkedIn to Scale your Platform


    Do you feel like you’re not maximizing LinkedIn in ways that will take you and your business to the next level? If you’re an author, speaker, coach, and/or consultant, there’s no better platform than LinkedIn—right now—to build your audience and establish the foundation for your business.

    When you position yourself strategically and have a solid content strategy, you can build a loyal, engaged community. Get ready to break through an inflection point, where LinkedIn will bring leads your way—your LinkedIn profile and network will start working for you.

  • Editorial Design


    Do you have a document or proposal that you need professionally designed? We can take it to the next level by creating a compelling design that’s on brand and aligned to your goals.

  • Flyer


    Do you want to better market yourself, your products, or your services? Do you have a launch coming up soon? We’ll design a visually appealing and easily digestible flyer that’s cohesive and clear while aligned to your goals.

  • Keynote Slide Deck


    Do you need a keynote or TEDx slide deck that stands out? We’ll design a customized, professionally designed, engaging slide deck that aligns with your content and branding and that will wow your audience for your speaking engagements.

  • LinkedIn Facelift


    Want to transform your LinkedIn profile to reposition you for where you’re headed? We’ll do a strategy session to understand your goals and revamp your LinkedIn profile content and improve the look and feel.

  • LinkedIn Growth Service

    $500.00 / Month

    Are you trying to grow your LinkedIn audience? Our LinkedIn Growth Service uses an innovative strategy to help speed that up. We’ll manage it for you by targeting leads based on your business goals.

  • Media Kit


    Are you an author or speaker? Whether you’re an aspiring or already published author, or an aspiring or professional speaker, we’ll design a personalized, branded media kit to showcase who you are, highlight your work, and promote whatever you’re trying to make visible to the world.

  • Press Kit


    Are you an author or speaker?

    Whether you’re an aspiring or already published author, or an aspiring or professional speaker, we’ll design a personalized, branded media kit to showcase who you are, highlight your work, and promote whatever you’re trying to make visible to the world.

  • Professional Speaking Accelerator

    $5,000.00 / Month For 4 Months

    Are you looking to turn professional speaking into one of your revenue streams? We’ll help accelerate you from being a mostly pro bono speaker to a professionally paid speaker. We’ll teach you the nuts and bolts of the professional speaking industry and help position you so your audience doesn’t have to second guess that professional speaking is one of your hats.

    We’ll help accelerate you from being a mostly pro bono speaker to a professionally paid speaker.

  • Ripple Impact Business Accelerator

    $5,000.00 / Month For 4 Months

    In our signature six-month accelerator program, we’ll give you all our tools, systems, and strategies along with tailored advice to help you build an engaged platform while you monetize your best product—you. Unlike other programs, we’ll be your on-demand team to help you become wildly successful. You’ll be able to focus on your unique gifts and have the structure to support the impact you want to make.

    – On-demand support from your behind-the-scenes team
    – Flexibility in change – Bundled discounts
    – Program-based, not project-based
    – Community of entrepreneurs going through a similar process
    – Our very own tools + templates
    – Innovative strategies that we used to build our own platform
    – No need to deal with managing/overhead
    – Tailored, ad hoc to your goals
    – We are rooting for your success as an individual and as a company

  • Social Media Assets


    Is it time for consistency in your online presence? We’ll design branded social media assets, including a banner and social media templates, so your audience feels connected to your brand and your digital presence improves a few notches.

  • Strategic Ongoing Support (6 months)

    $5,000.00 / Month For 4 Months

    6 Month Program

    Are you wanting to scale up your business to new heights?
    We’ll provide you with ongoing strategy and accountability support so you can grow your business intentionally towards your vision.

    We’ll be your strategy and creative team behind the scenes for the next six months so your business can thrive and your marketing materials can shine like diamonds in the sky.

    Upscaling Your Business

    Here’s what the program includes:
    • 6-month program for Ripple Impact Accelerator graduates
    • Revisit and update your business strategy
    • Ongoing business and marketing strategy support
    • Two 30-minute sessions per month with any of our strategists
    • Co-create and professionally design your next signature keynote
    • Develop your board-level bio
    • Create a content strategy for a marketing campaign
    • Provide copy and graphics for 2 LinkedIn posts per week (total of 40 posts)
    • Provide copy and graphics for your monthly LinkedIn newsletter (a total of 5 newsletters)
    • Premium LinkedIn Growth Service
    • 25% OFF on creative assets from the Ripple Impact Shop
  • Strategy Session


    Do you have a lot of drive but need some direction? Doing things strategically makes all the difference to seamlessly execute. Our strategy sessions will take you from problem to breakthrough.

    – You’ll fill out a questionnaire before we meet
    – You’ll meet over a Zoom video call with one of our strategists for a value-packed hour of advice
    – You’ll receive follow-up notes and clear next steps to give you direction.

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We Have Best Payment Plan For You

Accelerator Program
$ 20,000
  • 1 Month --- $5000
  • 2 Month --- $5000
  • 3 Month --- $5000
  • 4 Month --- $5000