Ripple Impact Business Accelerator


In our signature six-month accelerator program, we’ll give you all our tools, systems, and strategies along with tailored advice to help you build an engaged platform while you monetize your best product—you. Unlike other programs, we’ll be your on-demand team to help you become wildly successful. You’ll be able to focus on your unique gifts and have the structure to support the impact you want to make.

– On-demand support from your behind-the-scenes team
– Flexibility in change – Bundled discounts
– Program-based, not project-based
– Community of entrepreneurs going through a similar process
– Our very own tools + templates
– Innovative strategies that we used to build our own platform
– No need to deal with managing/overhead
– Tailored, ad hoc to your goals
– We are rooting for your success as an individual and as a company